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Tire Rotation

Your car, truck, or SUV benefits from regular tire rotations because it aids in a smooth, comfortable, and safe driving experience. Tire rotation is done by changing the positions of your tires so the front tires may go to the rear, and the rear tires may go to the front. Your vehicle has a suggested tire rotation pattern, which may include the spare tire or swapping left and right. To help your tires last as long as possible, tire rotation and tire balancing are recommended every 4,000 to 6,000 miles.

Tire Rotation

How is Tire Rotation Performed

During the tire rotation process, the tires are moved from one position on a vehicle to another, which is done to prevent uneven wear and support tire longevity. When performing a tire rotation our technicians will:

  • Rotate tires in alternating patterns
  • Examine the overall quality and safety of tires
  • Check tire tread
  • Check for correct inflation
  • Secure lug nuts

The Importance of Tire Rotation Service

Regular tire rotations will improve tire performance, extend the life of your tires, and in turn save you money. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road, so it is important to look after them. Each of the tires on your vehicle experiences treads that wear differently due to axle weight, cornering forces, and vehicle alignment. The front tires wear faster than the rear tires because they carry more weight, are the power wheels, and endure steering resistance, whereas the rear tires are free rolling. Moving each tire to different corners of your vehicle helps promote uniform tread wear.

Tire Rotation
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