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ECOPIA EP150 Tires by Bridgestone®. Season: All Season. Type: Performance, Fuel Efficient. Bridgestone launches its new eco-friendly tire, the Ecopia… read more



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ECOPIA EP150 Tires by Bridgestone®. Season: All Season. Type: Performance, Fuel Efficient. Bridgestone launches its new eco-friendly tire, the Ecopia EP150. The tire meets the challenging and previously contradictory objective of combining top-class wet safety with reduced rolling resistance, leading to higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.


  • Improved wet traction and hydroplaning resistance
  • Made from ground-up post consumer tires
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • A smooth, comfortable ride

Bridgestone Ecopia Tires combine eco-friendly performance and low rolling resistance tire technology to deliver increased MPGs. The reduced rolling resistance is the source of increased fuel efficiency, but has the added benefit of providing a quiet ride.

Bridgestone focused on manufacturing tires based solely on Japanese technology. At first, the company met many challenges in producing and selling the tires, but it quickly improved product quality and the business rapidly expanded domestically and overseas. Throughout the 40s and 50s, the company's production levels made Bridgestone Japan's number one tire maker. In 1967, Bridgestone began selling radial tires for passenger vehicles. Around this same time, the company opened more locations overseas, including a sales headquarters in America. Throughout the 70s, locations opened in Indonesia, Iran, Taiwan and Australia. Guided by its One Team, One Planet message, Bridgestone is dedicated to achieving a positive environmental impact in all of the communities it calls home. This commitment includes efforts such as developing tires with improved fuel economy, manufacturing products and providing services in an environmentally responsible way, and establishing wildlife habitat and education programs. The company's culture and mission remains rooted in the words of founder Shojiro Ishibashi, who said Bridgestone is dedicated to "serving society with superior quality".

Bridgestone's roots date back to the establishment of Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd. in 1931. Founder Shojiro Ishibashi was already a successful businessman, thanks to the creation of Jika-tabi (socks with rubber soles used as work shoes) and thriving rubber shoe trade. Passenger vehicles were growing more popular, and Ishibashi realized the potential in providing tires for this new mode of transportation, so he took revenue from his family business to start a tire company. Ishibashi used an English translation of his surname, stone bridge, to name his new venture. In the past two decades, Bridgestone has taken a lot of steps to expand and diversify, including establishing new headquarters for their European and American operations, returning the Bridgestone brand to racing, and acquiring tire retreader Bandag, Inc. As Bridgestone approaches its 80th anniversary, the company remains committed to being a world leader in tire technology, developing the most advanced tires and rubber products and providing world class customer service.

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