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HYBRID HD3 Tires by Continental®. Season: All Season. Type: Commercial (HD). The new Conti Hybrid tire range actively helps meet… read more

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HYBRID HD3 Tires by Continental®. Season: All Season. Type: Commercial (HD). The new Conti Hybrid tire range actively helps meet today’s unprecedented demand for greater e­­iciency. With an impressive 20% increase in mileage performance and up to 6% improved fuel e­­iciency, the new Conti Hybrid HD3 sets standards.This tire range is ideally suited to the intensive challenges of the heavy-duty segment.The new tires have been speci­ically designed to handle the demands of both regional transport and motorway use.


  • Multi-service tread compound for local and long haul service.
  • Offset center tread blocks provide excellent all weather traction.
  • Tapered tread grooves reduce stone retention for long casing life and multiple retreads.
  • Outstanding mileage performance.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Wet performance over lifetime.

Car safety starts with the car's tires. The demands placed on them are enormous since one meter of braking distance can make a crucial difference. After all, the car's full braking force is transmitted to the road solely via four postcard-size contact patches. Continental passenger and light truck tires provide superb vehicle-road contact in all types of weather. Requirements for tires may vary, but one thing always holds true: nothing is more important than safety. By constantly decreasing rolling resistance, a steady reduction in CO2 is achieved. The Passenger and Light Truck Tires division develops and manufactures passenger and light truck tires for compact, medium-size and full-size cars as well as tires for SUVs, vans, light trucks and RVs.

Continental was founded in Hanover in 1871 as the stock corporation "Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie". The company's 50th anniversary sees Continental as the first German company to bring cord tire onto the market. The stiff linen square-woven fabric is thus replaced by the more pliable cord fiber fabric. The first giant pneumatic tires are made by Continental and replace the solid tires used until that time on commercial vehicles. Manufacturing at the main factory in Hanover included soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and solid tires for carriages and bicycles. The Passenger and Light Truck Tires division has production facilities at 54 locations in 35 countries and a workforce of 31,153. It generated sales of €7.0 billion in 2011. Today, Continental ranks among the top 5 automotive suppliers worldwide and holds the number 2 spot in Europe.

Brand:ContinentalPart Number:HYBRID HD3 285/70R19.5HYBRID HD3 265/70R19.5HYBRID HD3 245/70R19.5HYBRID HD3 225/70R19.5

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