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LXUHP-107 Tires by Lexani®. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. LXUHP-107 Ultra High Performance Tires are designed for drivers of sports… read more

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LXUHP-107 Tires by Lexani®. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. LXUHP-107 Ultra High Performance Tires are designed for drivers of sports cars, high- performance coupes and sedans. The luster of the tread compound combined with a unique balance of Silica, ensures these tires will not only look great, but will also perform in all weather conditions, generating extremely low noise levels. The circumferential grooves, synergized in their size and location, are designed for maximum dry road performance while addressing and conquering hydroplaning concerns. The latest high-technology tire casing includes twin steel belts accompanied by zero degree polyamide and polyester tread plies.


  • Allow for responsive handling in any weather conditions
  • Enhanced traction and superb cornering, even in light snow
  • Optimized tread pattern design
  • Also available - Lexani Custom Grilles
  • Also available - Lexani Custom Wheels
  • Durable, damage-resistant construction
  • Provide long-lasting service

Forget about those unnecessary expenses from the budget associated with switching between summer and winter tires. All-season tires are an ultimate traction solution for any car or truck owner as they give them freedom from the money-spending cycle, providing a reliable, year-round service. The tires are designed to work perfectly in any weather conditions: during low temperatures in the wet or snow and high temperatures in the dry. Such superb performance is assured thanks to a tough, abrasion-resistant construction of the tires and their unique tread design. What you get is superb cornering and steering response, enhanced traction, and quiet ride. Stop throwing your money and time away and go with the All-Season Tires that are offered at CARiD at more than reasonable prices.

Lexani Tires has been serving the needs of the most discerning automotive customers from the very get-go, that is, since 1996. The company won a reputation as a world leader at a rate of knots, and soon the brand’s name became a synonym for automotive luxury and performance. The effective marketing strategy has evolved Lexani and all its products into a powerful global presence, and nowadays celebrities and everyday people show high affinity for Lexani premium custom rims and tires. The advanced technology that is utilized while producing these parts results in a totally new dimension for the extraordinary driving experience, including high speed performance and secure traction reliability on dry and wet roads.

Brand:Lexani TiresPart Number:LXUHP-107 205/50R17LXUHP-107 225/45R18LXUHP-107 235/55R17LXUHP-107 255/55R18LXUHP-107 245/35R20LXUHP-107 215/45R17LXUHP-107 245/40R18LXUHP-107 215/55R17LXUHP-107 235/45R17LXUHP-107 245/45R18LXUHP-107 225/55R17LXUHP-107 235/35R20LXUHP-107 205/40R17LXUHP-107 215/40R17LXUHP-107 215/55R16LXUHP-107 245/40R17LXUHP-107 225/55R19LXUHP-107 235/55R19LXUHP-107 235/45R19

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