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Wheel and Tire Proz—serving in South Kent, Washington, USA, and all over—is proud to be your local supplier for custom wheels. We carry a wide selection of rims to fit your vehicle needs and individual style. We stock wheel brands such as Motiv Wheels, Cruiser Alloy, Cragar, Focal, Pacer, Platinum, Forsage, Ace, Advane, Rays and many more. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you through the selection process and assist you in choosing the right wheel and tire package. Custom wheels can dramatically affect a vehicle’s appearance and performance. Contact us to find an optimal set of wheels for your car, truck, or SUV!

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If you want your vehicle to stand out in a crowd, a new set of custom wheels is the way to go. Custom wheels are a finishing touch that demonstrates your pride in your vehicle. When buying custom wheels, you have plenty of choices and the amount of options can sometimes be overwhelming. Get in touch with our custom wheel expert to find the best options for your vehicle.

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